8 Things You Need To Know As A Professional Truck Driver

Becoming a professional truck driver is a demanding job, and not everyone may be tough enough to become a good truck driver and work for a truck transport company. There’s many things you need to know before you decide to start a career as a truck driver. This blog tells you about eight critical facts that are or may be the part of every truck driver’s life.

1. Getting up early

The first thing to start with is the habit and ability of a truck driver to get up early in the morning and start their work. Unlike most other employees, truck drivers have to wake up and self-start their day very early in the morning. It’s the demand of this job that time is the crucial factor. To make timely deliveries, a truck driver must get on the road as early as possible.

2. 70 hours of work in 8 days

A truck driver is supposed to work for 70 hours during a period of eight days. Once a driver completes this 70 hours, he can go to a complete uninterrupted 34 hours off duty time. This is to make sure that the truck driver stays in the right shape to take on the next delivery job.

3. Payment criteria vary

Some companies pay truck drivers on an hourly basis. The number of hours they drive the truck, they get pay according to the agreed-upon rate per hour. On the other hand, other companies compensate the truck drivers based on the miles they cover between the pick-up and the drop-off.

4. Practical miles can be tricky.

Employers draw the miles you cover in your truck by straight lines, whereas roads are never as straight as shown in the drawing to calculate the miles of the driver. In this way, you may receive lesser pay than what you deserve as per the actual miles you covered. Sometimes, truck drivers may get in a little trouble if they get paid on a per-mile basis.

5. How much does the employer pay you?

Most of the time, it’s not easy to know how much money you are going to receive monthly. It’s only at the end of the year when you get to know about your due payments. Your first-year amount will be less than your coming years, though, if you continue to work as a truck driver.

6. Two major types of deliveries

As a professional truck driver, you’ll either have to carry out drop and hooks or do the loading and unloading. Drop and hook is a type of loading in which you have to drop one trailer at its destination, and hook up a new one. Live loading and unloading is when you have to wait for the loading and unloading of your container to finish while you’re there with your truck.

7. Average miles covered in a year

There’s an average estimate of miles that a driver covers during a year, which may be up to a hundred thousand miles. To become a truck driver, you need to be fond of covering the miles and live on the road the entire year. You’ll spend most of your time on the road in a truck.

8. The perks of being a truck driver

Truck drivers enjoy many perks and benefits apart from their payment. Truck drivers get the opportunity to view various or every part of the country while driving. Enjoy the modern, state of the art trucks that have luxuries to keep you comfortable during long hours driving on the road. The seats, air conditioner, and other features of modern trucks aim to provide you with the best environment and facilities to keep you alert and focused.

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