Hiring a Freight Forwarder in North America? Here Is What You Need To Know

A freight forwarder or forwarding agent is a person or a company that regulates individuals’ or organizations’ merchandise and is responsible for their transportation via road, rail, sea, and air, from one destination to another. Usually, the movement is from one country to another.

Freight Forwarding Services

Freight forwarding companies are an essential part of businesses that work in the supply chain industry and require their cargo to be shipped to various points.

  • Freight forwarders specialize in managing the whole process for their merchants, from storage to shipping.
  • They act as intermediaries between the senders and transportation services, negotiating with various carriers to settle on a price and decide on the most cost-effective, safe, and fastest route.
  • Expert freight forwarding companies, like DSONS Transport, have the necessary knowledge and expertise in managing logistics that require secure, cost-effective, and efficient transport.

However, sometimes hiring the right freight forwarder can get a little tricky, as you want to make sure your freight forwarder will transport your items quickly and safely.

What Are You Transporting?

Before choosing the right freight forwarder for your shipment, it’s best to know what you’ll be transporting. Unlike DSONS Transport, not all freight forwarders in North America will carry just about anything. Some specialize in moving frozen food products in their Reefer trucks, while others may not move perishable products at all.

There are several things to consider when hiring a reliable and expert freight forwarder in North America, but the things you plan to transport should come first. Make sure you have a clear idea of what you’re going to be shipping and where you want it shipped before contacting any freight forwarder.

Do You Require Other Services?

Freight forwarders in North America may offer various other services and move goods from one point to another, even within the country. Take some time to find out if you need any additional assistance from your freight forwarder.

At DSONS Transport, we offer a full line of truck and transport services, including freight forwarding. Whether you need total freight management or need to move perishable goods from one place to another, we are here to help.

Another thing to consider is how fast you want the delivery to be, any special packaging requirements, and the volume of goods you will be shipping. All of these factors will help you decide the type of services you will require from your freight forwarder in North America.

What Shipment Method Do You Need?

The shipment method you choose is an essential factor in hiring the right freight forwarder. While most companies choose to ship by truck, air, railway, and ocean, depending on the sender’s requirements, some companies don’t use all of these shipping methods. The size of the shipment also determines the mode of transportation.

Along with the various method of shipment, you want to make sure the company also offers the following services;

  • Customs clearance at ports
  • Local transportation from port-to-door via truck or van
  • Satellite tracking for real-time cargo location
  • Freight insurance and protection

Freight Forwarder vs. Custom Broker

In North America, it can be pretty easy to mix up a freight forwarder with a customs broker. However, there are differences between them. You will need both to become your closest allies if you regularly ship goods to and from the USA/Canada.

A freight forwarder will handle the logistics of transferring goods from one point to another and will manage the physical transportation and warehousing of goods.

On the other hand, your customs broker will handle the bureaucratic side of things, including paperwork and guaranteeing your goods get into or out of a country, safely and without any hurdles. Custom brokers are in direct contact with government agencies.

DSONS Transport offers the best cross-border freight forwarding services across North America. For more information on our various freight services, visit our website or call us today for a free quote.

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