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Flatbed trucks are the most versatile means of transporting goods. One can attribute their versatility to their unique bodywork, which is “flat” and without roofs or sides. These open trailers allow cargo quick and easy loading and unloading, making transport of heavy loads exceptionally convenient.

By looking at the commodity list that a flatbed truck can carry, you can see the value this transportation method provides to the shipment industry. Below we mention some of the examples of goods that can effortlessly be shipped through flatbed trucking.

Types Of Freight That A Flatbed Truck Can Carry

Flatbed trucks should not be used for hauling and moving light-weight objects and equipment. The types of cargo that these heavy-duty vehicles should lift and haul are:

  1. Oversized or over-dimensional cargo that is difficult to move from one place to another on a typical carrier truck.
  2. Freight that needs loading from the top or side of the trailer and can not be loaded from the truck’s rear end.
  3. Overweight cargo that is not allowed to be shipped through ordinary trucks.
  4. Cargo not requiring a specific temperature to be hauled from one location to another.

Flatbed trucks cannot carry foods and beverages that need less than zero temperatures to maintain their freshness and quality. In short, as long as the heavy shipment is not perishable, delicate, or vulnerable to rain, it is best to haul it through flatbed fleets.

Three Most Common Uses Of Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed trucks make an essential part of many industries and businesses’ supply chains. Due to their increased facilitation and smooth fleet operations, they are favored by almost every company in North America to ship their freight.

Here is a list of the most common goods and materials that are shipped regularly through flatbed trucks.

Building Materials

Flatbed trucks are almost a necessity in the construction industry. They are the most common means of transporting building materials and construction equipment required at a construction site. Common building materials shipped through flatbed trucks include concrete, iron rods, wood, steel beams, scaffolding equipment, bricks, and more.

Flatbeds are considered highly practical for transporting such materials because they can quickly be loaded and unloaded from any direction, using just a crane. This makes the whole shipment process time-efficient and extremely easy.

Flatbed trucks are also used to remove scrap materials from construction sites such as scrap metal, concrete, wood, and other building materials. These scraps are hauled to recycling facilities where they are repurposed and sent to the market again.

Equipment Hauling

No vehicle does the task of hauling heavy equipment better and faster than flatbed trucks. Flatbed trucks are perfect for transporting or carrying large and oversized equipment used by builders, farmers, the military, and the aviation industries. Commonly shipped heavy equipment through flatbeds include; vehicles, airplane parts, military tanks, humvees, farming, and construction machinery such as tractors, bulldozers, trenchers, etc.

It is crucial to note that transporting these machinery and equipment through flatbed hauling is a safer alternative than driving them on the road to and from a job site.

Super Sacks

Super sacks are large industrial fabric bags with a load capacity of approximately 2000 pounds. They are used to transport dry products such as fertilizers, sand, and food products like grains, legumes, beans, and other packaged materials that do not require specific temperature settings while exporting.

Flatbed trucks provide the ideal way to load and unload these heavy sacks on to the trailer.

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