Shipping High-Value Freight with DSONS Transport

Shippers always stress upon the carrier’s ability to transport freight without any problems such as delay, damage, or loss of items. Their concern, however, is significantly increased when the shipment is of high-value or sensitive. When this type of freight needs delivery, it is essential to hire a professional transport company that knows the best practices and modes of transportation to safely ship the items.

Expert transporters know the best way to move a specific type of shipment from one location to another while keeping them protected throughout the process.

Here we look at some tips for securing and packaging your high-value shipment and how DSONS Transport can customize a solution for securely shipping your sensitive freight.

Proper Packaging Is The Key

When it comes to transporting high-value cargo with a shipment company, the right packaging is really the key. Although the “package with extra care” rule applies to all types of shipments, sensitive and high priced goods need special attention.

If your freight demands extra care during shipment, here are a few packaging tips you can follow to ensure it arrives at its destination safely:

Use Suitable Containers and Boxes

Even though lightweight boxes or crates are economical and readily available, they may not be able to prevent your high-value shipment from getting damaged. If your freight needs extra care, we’d recommend you use the most durable boxes or containers available. If the boxes don’t provide sufficient stability and protection to the cargo, you may have to use crates or other specialized packages.

Properly Label Your Shipment

Accurately labeling your high-value shipment along with detailed information mentioned on all shipping documents is essential to let the carriers know how to handle the freight. You can also include special instructions for additional care. For proper labeling of each item, you’ll have to complete a shipping label, bill of lading, and packing slip.

  • The shipping label covers details about the shipment, consignee’s information, return label, and reference numbers.
  • The bill of lading includes a detailed description of the cargo, shipper’s and consignee’s contact information, payment details, and special handling instructions.
  • Lastly, the packing slip that is to be exchanged between the shipper and receiver includes their identity and contact details, shipment information, and freight details.

Obtain In-transit Protection

Complete in-transit visibility is a great way to track your highly fragile and expensive shipments. This is a 24/7 shipment tracking technology that uses Radio Frequency to provide shippers with maximum visibility and real-time status on the movement of their cargo.

By getting in-transit shipment protection, you can rely on the driver and staff of the transport company to ship your cargo to its destination on time and with maximum security.

What Other Security Measures Can You Take?

Other security measures that should be taken while transporting high-value shipments are:

  1. Reduced Stops Along The Route: High-value shipments are often vulnerable to theft. This can be prevented by reducing in-transit stops and having a full tank of fuel and a team of professional drivers to handle non-stop driving. Planning routes ahead of time will also reduce delays.
  2. Around-the-clock Tracking: DSONS Transport offers around-the-clock tracking of your high-value freight, so it’s safely shipped to its destination. Satellite monitoring and live communication with the drivers allow us to supervise your shipment easily.
  3. Reduced Transit Time: Often, the freight that needs secured delivery also requires quick and fast transit to reduce any chances of theft or damage. With our professional drivers and reliable shipping services, we provide prompt and rapid transfer of your goods from one place to another.

To learn more about how DSONS Transport can help with your high-value and sensitive freight shipment throughout North America.

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