Three Things To Consider When Shipping Heavy Hauls

There is no denying that dealing with a heavy haul is a complicated and time-consuming process. But, it is essential to note that most problems associated with this kind of shipping method arise due to the lack of knowledge about the process and improper planning, which often leads to shipment delays, issues in routing, and last-minute delivery updates.

The shipment of heavy haul freights need particular expertise. Fortunately, many of our DSONS Transport team members and authorized drivers specialize in over-dimensional shipments. Keep reading to learn about how to handle your heavy haul freight as efficiently as possible.

What Is A Heavy Haul?

The term ‘Heavy haul’ describes a shipment transporting unusually large, wide, and heavy commodities (aka over-dimensional cargo) that demand special handling procedures, permits, and specific equipment. The heavy load carried in this shipment method exceeds the guidelines for legal dimensions, including width, length, or weight limits. Heave hauls have limitations of their own and may be referred to as a “Superload” in case of a massive oversize load.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when dealing with a heavy haul shipment.

Find The Right Trucking Company

Heavy haul shipping can become extremely stressful if you hire the wrong people for the job. For the process to go as smoothly as possible, you need to make sure that you are hiring a reliable and experienced freight company that has trained staff to assist you. At DSONS Transport, our professional and experienced drivers ensure that the customer’s heavy haul is transported safely and on time to its final destination.

To make sure you hire the right company, check their background, ask for references, and check their customer feedback. You can even ask for picture evidence to make sure the freight company is experienced in handling and organizing heavy hauls. You can also check their previous records to see if any claims have been made against them or any of their drivers. Don’t forget to check their insurance policy and carefully read the contract before signing it.

Take Time To Plan Ahead

Planning the logistics of your shipment last minute is one thing you want to avoid at all costs when shipping your heavy haul. For the smooth fulfillment of the delivery, you need to make sure that you give yourself enough time (weeks or even months) to organize and plan everything ahead of time. You need to be sure that you get all permits or give your freight company enough time for all the arrangements. Also, make sure that you plan the whole route and consider all the relevant factors to avoid hassle and lower the possibilities of damages, hold, and shipment delays.

Nonetheless, unexpected delays are unavoidable in almost all sorts of shipping. Still, unlike other shipment carriers who can always pull to a stop to take care of unforeseen events along the way, heavy haul shippers are not that fortunate. For this reason, you need to be smart and plan for the unpredictable.

Confirm With The Trucking Company Regarding Permits

Since heavy haul shipping has more rules and regulations governing it than most other shipping modes, you need to make sure you’ve gathered all the right permits to avoid getting into problems related to paperwork errors.

Each state in Canada handles the issuance of permits for over-dimensional shipments differently. Some handle the permits promptly, while others are much slower. But, it is essential to keep in mind that the bigger the load, the longer it will take to get the state’s permission to ship it. The government will also determine which routes the truck must follow and if any travel restrictions should be imposed in terms of hours or days.

If you have already hired a freight company for your heavy haul shipment, you need not worry about getting the permits. Your contractor will take care of requesting permits and will include them in the overall shipping cost.

DSONS Transport offers the best heavy haul freight shipping services across North America. For more information on our various freight services, visit our website or call us today for a free quote.

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