Top 5 Benefits of Flatbed Trucking

The reason why flatbed trucking services are so popular in North America and Canada is because they provide numerous benefits in terms of transporting massive machinery and other objects. These services are very popular among businesses that involve transporting heavy objects from one place to another. Here are some of the benefits of flatbed trucking in detail.

What Are Flatbed Trucks?

While driving on the highway, I’m sure you’ve seen large trucks that have vast space open from all sides. Usually, these trucks are carrying heavy machines like cars or construction machines. These types of trucks are called flatbed trucks and they’re usually used for hauling heavy and large-sized materials like heavy equipment, which are hard to transport with regular vehicles.

Easy Loading/Unloading

Easy loading/unloading is one of the reasons why flatbed trucks are chosen over dry trucks or conventional trucks. Conventional trucks that have enclosed space may be useful for moving your furniture, but they are not so helpful when it comes to transporting over-dimensional cargo.

Flatbed trucks not only enable you to load large and heavy objects with ease and convenience but also let you forklift or unload the cargo from any side and again with ease and comfort due to their open extended trailers.

Ample Space

Flatbed trucks have enough space to carry any material, no matter its dimensions, size, or weight. Because these trucks have no walls, there are no limitations to what kind of objects can be transported with them. You can carry up to 12,000 pounds of items and up to 10 feet. So if your loaded cargo reaches 6 to 7 feet, you still have space to load more stuff.

No Loading Dock Required

Many people go for dry van service for transporting their essentials because they provide more safety due to their enclosed trailer, but one point they miss is that dry vans require a special docks to load and unload materials. Whereas, in flatbed trucking, there are no limitations for the docks. Your items can be loaded/unloaded at any time at any location; this includes your neighborhood or any construction site.

Protection and Safety

If you hire professionals like us, then you need not worry about your cargo at all. We have all the equipment to keep your items protected and safe. We have an excess supply of chains, coils, and racks to secure your cargo, and carefully transporting your goods to your desired location is our top priority.

Handiness and Convenience

There is no “man-handling” the cargo with our flatbed trucking services. Thanks to our exclusive inventory and specialized equipment, we handle the loading and unloading of goods efficiently and without any extra effort. We use cranes, forklifts, and winches to load/unload cargo safely. Thanks to this, the entire process of shipment becomes peaceful for both our clients and us.

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