What’s The Difference Between Dry Vans & Reefer Vans?

Dry vans are transport vehicles that don’t allow anything from the outside to get in, like water, humidity, dust, or any infectious disease, such as Coronavirus, into the van. It’s to make sure that whatever is being transported remains free of any contamination and degradation. Reefers are air-conditioned containers that are used by transport companies, so whatever is being carried remains consumable and usable.

Why are dry vans important?

Dry vans are very important amid this pandemic. These vans are able to contain the contaminations, water and other factors that can damage the food and other types of goods that need a dry environment to stay in perfect condition.

Can transport a variety of goods

Dry van trailers are useful to transport a wide variety of freight items. These are enclosed trailers that avoid the freight getting exposure to water, air, dust, or any other type of external factor that might cause damage. Goods that need to remain dry and unexposed must be transported through dry vans so that these items remain unharmed during the transportation from one place to another.

Provide security from theft

Not only do dry vans protect the freight from environmental effects, but they’re also secure from almost any kind of theft. Theft is a major concern that every client has and as a transport company, it’s their professional responsibility to make sure that the client’s goods are safely and securely transported to its destination.

A dry van is a suitable option to transport goods that need protection and security. Such as in the case of costly items, like furniture, exotic cars, ornaments, antique masterpieces, artworks, and other valuable possessions.

Drop and hook saves time

In the case of dry vans, there’s no need for loading and unloading the same trailer after completing one assignment and getting ready for the next one. Instead, these trailers offer the ease of just dropping the trailer and hooking up the loaded one for the next client. It saves a lot of precious time, therefore, enhancing the productivity of the company.

Why reefer services are useful

There are several advantages and reasons to use reefer trailers. There are situations, where only reefers are suitable for carrying the goods without damaging them.

Keeps things fresh

Reefer services are inevitable for transporting products and freight that are supposed to remain fresh during transportation.

Suitable for dry goods also

These vans are not just limited to transporting refrigerated goods. They can transport all kinds of dry goods. The temperature can be controlled through a thermostat to make sure that the required temperature within the container is maintained.

Transport freight with safety

Reefers are also very safe and make sure that the freight arrives at the destination without any kind of damage or spoilage.

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