Why Oversize Loads Are Challenging To Transport

Freight trucks work to transport all sorts of goods from one location to another for various purposes. These goods can range from boxes to machinery to massive equipment that requires specialized transportation. However, the biggest challenge most trucking companies face is when transporting oversized and over-dimensional cargo.

Transporting oversized freight is a project of its own that requires extensive training, experience, and planning to complete it safely. Large loads are difficult to manage on the road and run into many challenges along the way. Overcoming these challenges is essential to ensure safe and timely delivery of the freight.

Here are some of the challenges of oversized shipping. Trucking companies must account for these challenges and devise a plan to prevent any delays or problems to the shipment.

What Is Considered An Oversized Load?

An oversized load, also known as an over-dimensional or heavy haul, is large freight that cannot be divided into smaller parts and requires shipment as a single entity over special trucks. Oversized cargo may be too tall, wide, or long.

However, the standard measurement that pushes the cargo into the “oversize” category is its width. Anything that exceeds per-axle limits or is over 8.5 feet wide is considered an oversized load and cannot be transported over traditional trucks.

Examples of oversized loads include;

  • Large construction or industrial machinery, equipment, and industrial supplies
  • Airplane parts
  • Pre-built homes
  • Containers
  • Construction elements (bridge beams, generators, windmill propellers), and more

Challenges Of Transporting Oversized Loads

Meeting Legal Requirements

Shipping over-dimensional loads is challenging because states often differ in their definition of “oversized loads” and have different laws that apply to them. One state or province could refer to a load as oversized, while another may consider it a normal load. This can create a lot of confusion and problems for transporters. To avoid trouble, the movers must get oversized permits for each state the load will be traveling through.

Oversized cargo that travels through a state without a permit may be subjected to large amounts of fines depending on the load’s weight. Different states in Canada also have varying laws and regulations for oversized cargo. Some cities do not permit their shipment during rush hours and have specified day and night hours in which they can move.

Challenges On The Road

Transporting oversized loads is quite different and way trickier than shipping normal cargo. Road conditions in different regions make their transport even more challenging. This is why shipment planners must spend an ample amount of time figuring out the most optimal route and time for delivering them.

Working out the best route is essential to avoid mishaps during the delivery process. However, to plan out the best way, shipment planners must have extensive knowledge of road routes and road conditions. They should also have a good understanding of the vehicle carrying the load, the size and the weight of the load, and how its weight will impact roads and the truck underneath it.

Meeting Deadlines

Meeting deadlines when delivering time-sensitive oversized freight is often tricky. This is because oversized shipment is moved at slow speeds to avoid sharp turns and road accidents. Inclines, stormy weather, and other hazardous conditions may require drivers to go even slower, delaying the entire trip even further.

Moreover, road breakdowns and unexpected delays due to traffic disruptions or accidents can considerably delay the trip. Travel escorts or truck drivers must be skilled enough to resolve these issues as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary delays and damage to the cargo.

Truck drivers carrying oversized loads must also have the repair tools and equipment available at their disposal to ensure swift repair if a breakdown does occur.

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Our professional shipment planners and operators provide you with all the guidelines and clearance information for different regions regarding oversized shipment. They also acquire all the necessary permits required to transport your heavy haul via various routes.

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